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Planning Your Trip In Italy or Other destinations : Where Should We Go?
You’ve decided to explore Italy for your upcoming vacation. Where to go? You face endless, tantalizing possibilities and feel like shouting, “Help!” Help is on its way…right here.
“What kind of travelers are we?” Choose the best countries and its regions for you.
Are you big wine lovers and want to experience your favourite wines right where they’re made with the producers? If you love Amarone, choose the Veneto. For Barolo—Piedmont. For Chianti or Brunello—Tuscany. For Nero D’Avola—Sicily.
If food is your number one priority in life, ask yourself, “What kind of Italian food?” For silk-like pasta,Emilia-Romagna. For healthy vegetable dishes and seafood, the Riviera or Puglia among others.  Do you want to take cooking lessons ? Taste Olive Oil, Bottle your own Chianti wines to take home ?
If you love adventures in nature, what season to go? In winter, you can ski in the Dolomites north of Venice, in the mountains near Turin in Piedmont or on Mount Etna in Sicily. The rest of the year consider hiking, and bike tours, or even chartering a sailing yacht.  It’s a short trip from Venice to Croatia on the Adriatic or Naples to the Amalfi Coast and Capri.
In summer, you can hike on paths on the Amalfi Coast or in hills in many parts of Tuscany and Umbria. Italy’s two coasts of beaches may beckon you like in Sardinia, the Riviera and Calabria.
If you adore art, what period of art and architecture? Florence focuses mostly on the Renaissance. Rome shines for the antiquities and Baroque. Puglia offers imposing castles, Greek temples, quaint trulli houses, white Greek-like hill towns.
Find regions that match at least one of your passions.

How To Plan Your European Flights: Less Stress, More Enjoyment

Now that you’ve decided where to visit, it’s time to plan your flights. Here are some tips to make your airplane travel smoother and more relaxing.
1. Avoid early morning flights when you leave Europe. Let’s say you’re catching a 7:00 a.m. flight in Rome. If you stay in the center of Rome, you’ll need 30 minutes to get to Fiumicino airport by taxi (an hour if you take the train) and about two hours before take-off at the airport. You’ll get up at 4:00 a.m. Not a good way to end a relaxing vacation in Italy.
You could spend your last night at a Rome airport hotel in Fiumicino, a small town, and sleep about an hour later, but why do that on your last night in glorious Rome? Better to enjoy this world class city as much as you can!
2. Fly in and out of the same airport or out of two airports?
Many European itineraries go from north to south or west to east in a line. Let’s say you fly into Milan airport and travel down to Rome. It makes sense to fly out of Rome. You say, “The flight is cheaper if I fly in and out of the same airport. I’ll fly out of Milan.” Is it really cheaper?
From Rome you take a long train ride to Milan, possibly changing trains along the way, and hauling your luggage from one train to another. In Milan, you may arrive tired from your long journey. There you pay a taxi to take you to your hotel for a one night stay. To not risk missing your flight, you need to stay in Milan the night before you leave. These extra costs of backtracking add up and you get tired before a long flight home. 

3. Jet lag - When you arrive in Europe, you’ll feel jet lagged, so won’t have much energy to sightsee on your first full day. If you land in Venice and plan on spending three days there, with the first day a write-off, you actually have two days. Plan accordingly.
Avoid long connection times between your European or other connecting flights and flights to Italy. If you’re flying from North America or Australia and the airline tries selling you an itinerary with a five hour wait in Frankfurt for your connection flight, say no. Your jet lag will start hitting you in Frankfurt and you may feel really tired by the time your head hits your pillow in your hotel.
Same thing on your flight home. Unless I have no other choice, do refuse to fly into Canada or the US and wait four hours connecting for a flight to your hometown. The jet lag will hit you again and you’ll be exhausted by the time you get home.  Be good to yourself and keep any possible inconvenience at a MINIMUM.